About me


Passionate BA/Product Owner with over 2 years of experience working at 2 Startups and 2 big corp (Vintech & NashTech), seeking to advance in PO/PM career. As Vintech’s former PO ,successfully launched Vinpearl Booking Portal for Tier OTA Adayroi, whose later on has 1 million USD transactions per-day. Skilled in Continuous Improvement, Agile, People skills and Business Process Improvement.

My favourite quote:

“The #1 cause behind new products fail is not the lack of success to construct what we aim to build, but the failure to recognize the right users and markets for our products”.


What do I do besides working on Products and talking to the stakeholders?  I believe it is critical to keep up a decent work-life balance, my hobbies include playing guitars, blues harp, singing, drawing and weekend picnic with my family.

That’s enough about me, let’s talk about you!
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