Hello, I’m Le Cuong

Digital Product Manager since 2017, looking to grow in the Product Management career. Competent in Continuous Improvement, Agile, People Management, and Business Process Improvement.

My favorite quote:

“The #1 cause behind new products fail is not the lack of success to construct what we aim to build, but the failure to recognize the right users and markets for our products”.

— Based in the Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

Email: [email protected]


Troy University – Alabama, USA.

Bachelor of Business Administration, May 2015


Product Management in Tech

2017 – present

Business Ops and Marketing

2013 – 2017


UX design, Strategic Thinking, Prioritization, Design Thinking, Design Research, Roadmapping, E-Commerce, Blockchain, Fintech, Communication, Marketing funnels and metrics, Product Design frameworks, Agile and Scrum.


Figma, Miro, Jira, Confluence, Notion, Postman, WordPress, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Information Architect, Card Sorting.


Google UX Design, Google Project Management,

Way of working

My experience has shown me that a fantastic product idea isn’t born in the shower or at a moment of inspiration. It’s a delicate balancing act of effective teamwork, meticulous planning, implementation, testing, and a continuous user feedback loop.

Most of the time, designated Product Managers (Founders, Startup leaders) are quickly drawn into the initial answers for the problems they are attempting to tackle without first conducting research and testing, however, this rarely succeeds. The fact that it’s difficult to know enough about the assumptions we’re trying to solve means that first solutions are generally irrelevant. The best way to achieve it is to use the Agile framework, which allows us to gather useful data first and answer the big 5Ws (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) before proceeding on to the How.

It has been almost 9 years since I started my first job in college, and my career path has never been straight because I have experienced so many different jobs, met so many different people, and worked with so many different work styles. Thankfully, these experiences have proven to be extremely beneficial in my present role as a Product Manager, as they have assisted me in better understanding people’s pain points, brainstorming better solutions, and proposing optimal planning when necessary. However, I am not claiming to be a bullet-proof Problem Solver; there are new things that astound me every day because the world is changing so quickly, and in order to adapt, I need a team to collaborate for the next challenge (s).