Prior to joining Tech

I did not begin my profession with a technical background, in fact, I was not interested in Information Technology (IT or Tech) at all while in college. I just wanted to inform that I graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

Troy University in HCM

This is a post I wrote during the HCM City lockdown in July 2021 because I had so much free time… ?

Amero Viet English Center 2013-2015.

I co-founded the Amero Viet English center with an American English teacher from Tan Phu, Mr. Storm, during my second year of college since I was so anxious to start my own business. It was a fun experience helping him with paperwork and marketing jobs to get kids to know about him. However, Mr. Storm decided to move to Soc Trang with his wife and children for a more simple life after 1.5 years of operating the English Center, and the English Center was closed because of lacking him.

During the time there my responsibilities were:

  • Developing, devising, and putting into action operational and marketing plans.
  • Once we had some part-time students join the English Club, I was in charge of leading the team and ensuring that everyone followed the strategy.
  • Identifying and mitigating risks that could affect the English center’s operations, such as communicating with local police, working on competitive analysis for the local area, maintaining student morale so they don’t skip classes, forming partnerships with well-known facebook groups in HCM city so our marketing posts at the time could be kept on their pages and groups, and seeding well-known english books.
  • Responsible for all events at the center, booking venues for parties or the English club, task management, and part-time personnel recruitment.
  • Every curriculum must go through a process of brainstorming, defining, developing, and testing before it can be implemented in the classroom.
  • Documentation and study materials are being organized.
  • Conducting interviews with students to learn about their problems and keeping track of the input for future improvements to the curriculum and teaching materials is something I do on occasion.
  • And I received a 30 percent part of the English Center’s profits, which was my first success in making money as a student.

The most important deliverable I had for Mr. Storm and the center was the success of growing from 0 to 200 students in 6 months after his center opened.

Nguyen Le Cuong

After the classes were closed. I then moved on to a new journey.

Got an internship at an Australian Jewelry factory in 2014.

Grab driver from 2016 – Jan 2017.

In 2016, Grab was one of the phenomena of the Startup scene in Vietnam and I was attracted to the idea of sharing economy, in September 2016 I got my new Honda WaveX bike and you know what’s next 🙂

Working with Grab at the time was a lot of fun since I got to meet a lot of different people, hear about their lives and challenges, and make loads of money. Looking back, I estimate my average monthly earnings to be around 19 million VND (800 USD) over the course of three months; it was certainly easier to make money when Grab first launched than it is now.

Over the course of three months, my average monthly income was also around 19 million VND (800 USD).

Nguyen Le Cuong

After a couple motorcycle accidents, I decided to give up driving Grab for good.

Texas Vietnam Immigration

After a few months at home following the Grab accident, I got in touch with my Business Law professor from Troy University, and after a few meetings and discussions, I launched the Texas Vietnam Immigration business with his help on process and domain expertise.

  • Successfully processed two L1 visa packages for two companies and one EB3 visa package for one family to the United States.
  • Educated customers about the L1 and EB3 visas and the application procedure.
  • On generating and processing client papers, I collaborated with three US immigration lawyers.

My most successful case was helping my aunt obtain an L1 visa and eventually a green card in the United States. I still run this business in a low-key capacity to support my Aunt and her friends on occasion.

Nguyen Le Cuong

During my time running an immigration firm in 2017, I had the opportunity to speak with a number of wealthy individuals who introduced me to Bitcoin, after which I invested heavily in a number of Blockchain initiatives. To be honest, Blockchain was what first drew me into the realm of technology; from there, I learned about Product Ownership, MVPs, Growth Hacking, Business Analyst, and other topics.

My career in technology began at that point ->

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